Grace Healthcare of Abingdon has a wonderful rehab. The establishment is very clean.
Grace is a good place to be!
I would highly recommend Abingdon to anyone. The therapy got me off on the right start. The staff was so kind and patient with me. They helped me return home.
Taking care of the elderly is not an easy task, but your staff is just the best! It is my hope that you let them know that they have been complimented about their compassion, leadership, attitude, safety, and great service.
I love Abingdon! I don’t know what I would do without them!
I was in a lot of pain. I’m doing so much better now than when I came. The physical therapy here has been excellent. They have worked really hard to get me back to where I want to be! The nursing staff has been so helpful. I choose Grace Healthcare of Abingdon because I have had a first-hand experience with great care!
I am so excited to be independent again! The staff at Abingdon has helped me walk again. I think everyone should come here. The staff is friendly, helpful and they care about me and my family.
I like it here. It’s not home, but it’s my home now and I’m happy with the care I receive.
They are very nice to me here. I can’t complain. If I call the workers, they come and help me. I like plants and I love to garden in the courtyard. There are a lot of activities. I go to every one of them. They keep me busy, but it keeps me from being bored and idle.
I do love Grace [Healthcare of Abingdon]. Everyone has been good to me and I would recommend it to anyone!
I was in bad shape, but now I am a whole lot better! The staff at Abingdon has been a great help. They took care of everything for me.
I have been here for a few years and have been treated exceptionally well. The staff is always kind to me.
It’s a great place to stay if you can’t be at home.
Working with the geriatric population is the most rewarding experience. We as staff learn so much from each resident and feel blessed to be able to support their goals of recovery and love seeing them reach their highest potential.
Tammy, LPN
The staff actually check on my loved one and have been good to him. That’s the difference when you come to Grace Healthcare of Abingdon. We have been very pleased with his care!
Family of Joe M.
I have worked here almost 10 years. We provide a home environment and are creative in motivating residents to reach their maximum potential.
Mary, CNA
Satisfied. Good treatment…Food is pretty good, too. Help is great and always take good care of me and my roommate.